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You: I am not throwing away my shot.

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The Nerd

Director: Mike Diana

Written by Larry Shue

Auditions held March 11 and 12 at 7pm

4 men:
Willum Cubbert: Mid 30's Young architect. In love with Tansy but too shy to make a move
Axel Hammond: Mid 30's Rick's roomie and long time pal
Rick Steadman: Mid 30's The NERD. Out of touch with the modern world. Socially inept.
Warnock Waldgrave: Mid 40's Business man whose project is the dream job for Rick

1 Male Child:
Thor Waldgrave: 8-10 Bratty kid. Doted on by mother and father.

2 Women:
TansyMcGinnis: 25-35 Third roomate. Has feelings for Willum but has taken job across country but he doesn't know...yet.
Clelia Waldgrave: 40 ish Businessman's wife and mother of the mighty Thor.

A young architect (Willum) claims to owe his life to a GI (Rick) he never met who saved his life when wounded during the Vietnam War. Afterwards, he wrote to the soldier telling him that, in gratitude, he would do anything for him as long as he lives. Willum's delight of meeting Rick when he turns up unexpectedly at his door eventually leads to him moving in and bringing Rick's ordered life down around his ears.

Auditioners will read exerpts from the script.

Questions may be directed to Mike Diana . Please mention "The Nerd" in the subject line.

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General Info

Audtioning at Peninsula Community Theatre

Generally, Auditions are held for each show during the run of the previous show. They are held on stage at our Theatre at 10251 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia, usually on Sunday and Monday evening. You only need attend one of the two audition dates. Different shows will have different call-back requirements, usually completed in the week following the audition.
Audition forms will be available at the theatre, but you can print and fill-in the form ahead of time as well.

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