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You: I am not throwing away my shot.

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Bus Stop

By William Inge
Director: Marvin Sylvest

Auditions will take place Sunday and Monday, March 11th and 12th at 7:00 p.m. at the Peninsula Community Theatre on Main Street in Hilton Village. Attendance at both auditions is not required. Actors will read selections from the script and perform some acting exercises. Production dates are May 4-20.

Bus Stop has eight characters: 5 men and 3 women.

Elma (female) : A high school student, 16-19. She is bright, curious, energetic, and a bit naive. Works as a waitress at Grace's Diner.
Grace (female): Owner of the diner. She is in the late 30's to 50's. She is seasoned, a "grass widow" whose husband is seldom in town.
Will (male) : The town sheriff, 40's to 50's Will is strong, masculine, confident, but also humble. He is a deacon in his church.
Cherie (female): Early 20's, She is at the same time worldly, experienced and fragile. She has been working as a chanteuse at the Blue Dragon night club next to the stockyards in Kansas City. She is not on the bus of her own free will. She must sing.
Dr. Lyman: (male): A college professor, in his 50's. He is often, and currently, without a position, due to his alcohol abuse and penchant for young girls. Quotes Shakespeare often.
Carl: (male): In his 40's to 50's, Carl drives he bus on the Kansas City to Topeka run. He is loud, hearty, and very natty in his uniform.
Bo Decker (male): Early 20's, He owns a ranch in Montana. He is loud, boastful, and at the same time naive and insecure.He has never had a girl friend, but is obsessed with taking Cherie to Montana to be his wife.
Virgil Blessing (male): He is in his 40's. Big and slow moving, He is a constant companion and mentor to Bo. He has spent much of is life as a ranch hand. He is gentle and steady. Must play the guitar and sing.

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General Info

Audtioning at Peninsula Community Theatre

Generally, Auditions are held for each show during the run of the previous show. They are held on stage at our Theatre at 10251 Warwick Blvd. Newport News, Virginia, usually on Sunday and Monday evening. You only need attend one of the two audition dates. Different shows will have different call-back requirements, usually completed in the week following the audition.
Audition forms will be available at the theatre, but you can print and fill-in the form ahead of time as well.

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Peninsula Community Theatre

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