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Reach a Local Crowd

Community theatre audiences are looking for you!

Business serving our community have a very affordable way to make a positive impression on local theatregoers! Our audiences pay attention to which businesses support their interests, and an ad in the playbill is a great way to show your support. 
Repeat impressions on our subscriber base as well as one-time access to our single ticket buyers is available when you buy a season ad. Or, pick a show that resonates with your message and place your ad there!

Sweet Summer Spots

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Early Summer is the best time to buy a Season Ad. Our first show of the season opens at the end of July. Lock in your message across all 5 of our season playbills before July 9th!

Sign Up!

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If you'd like to participate as an advertiser, or a donor to PCT, please give us a call at 757 595-5728, and leave a message for the Board, or write to us at

Meanwhile here's our Ad Contract, so you can get a head start in signing up.
We offer complementary passes to our Season Advertisers. 

Complementary Tickets

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We appreciate our advertisers, and welcome them to our shows with complimentary passes to the theatre. The number of tickets for the advertiser pass depends on the type of Ad placed. They can be used for your staff, or your customers! Place your Ad (and pay) before July 9th to qualify!

Main Stage
Full Page        8 Main Stage passes
Half Page        4 Main Stage passes
Quarter Page  2 Main Stage passes

Children's Theatre
Full Page    4 Children's Theatre passes
Half Page   2 Children's Theatre passes

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