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Peninsula Community Theatre

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Covid-19 Update

News from PCT

Thank you again for your support of Peninsula Community Theatre and to those who participated in #GiveLocal757.

The health and safety of our patrons, volunteers and actors is our foremost priority. We want to be back and active as soon as safely possible. As we begin move into the next phase of recovery we hope to hear more from the state as to reopening guidelines for the performing arts.
We are actively working on restructuring the upcoming season. Pending guidelines from the state we hope to be making some announcements in the near future.

Ticket holders for Indoor/Outdoor should have received an email detailing your options of donating the value of your ticket, receiving a Gift Certificate for the value or receiving a refund. Please respond by emailing with your wishes. We would to have all ticket holders resolved this month. We can provide you with a donation receipt if you need one.

Please be patient as we work though this unusual situation. Keep in mind that we are also trying to handle questions and requests by remote access so if you do not get a prompt response please be patient. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible.
Looking forward to seeing everyone soon.

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Donate to PCT

During these trying times

Everyone's routine is seeing some disruption this summer. One of the routines we enjoy is the annual membership and donation drive. We're not ready to run that drive yet, but we stand ready to accept donations. 
If you're in a position to donate, we hope that you do. We've opened a COVID-19 appeal for any "extra" donation you'd like to make to help PCT get through this rough time. And a PCT Operations appeal which is the "normal" donation that we process each year. 

Thank you for keeping PCT as one of your donation priorities. PCT continues to maintain our theatre building, and stays ready to produce quality theatre in our community.

Script Club

Online Meetings via Zoom

Script Club is like a book club for theatre lovers! We will read play scripts instead of novels. We are offering three options this round. Read as many as you wish!

Click to find out about Script Club shows

The Script Club program kick-off was held Monday, May 11, at 8pm via Zoom. After the kick-off, each play will follow it’s own schedule of virtual meetings. Click Here for more dates and info. 

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Indoor / Outdoor
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2020 - 21 Season Adjustment

Covid-19 Adjustments to Next Season

As we look to the near future, changes will be needed to our plans for our next season. Unfortunately we will not produce Dream Girls this summer. In the coming weeks, we will announce a four show season starting in October. Subscriptions will be taken a little later than normal, as we make our adjustments. 

More Information Soon
We'll have more information on the new show lineup. We look forward to resuming the theatre we all love. 

Neighboring Theatres

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Hampton Roads has a vibrant tradition of Community Theatres. Check out other nearby theatres!

Directors, Submit your Shows!

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The Play Selection Committee accepts Play Selection Forms all year round. We also have Cabaret Forms!
What play would you like to do at PCT?
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Updated July 21, 2020